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ZECHINI GRA.FOR dal 1952 è leader nella produzione di macchine per cartotecnica, legatoria e arti grafiche: accoppiatrici, incollatrici, macchine per copertine e raccoglitori, Vip book line linea per la produzione di libri in cartonato.

Zechini Bookbinding Equipment
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[Red Arrow]
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Red Arrow, the solution for production of page-to-page book developed especially for children’s books made of cardboard.

The Red Arrow is a fully automatic, modular system which gathers printed cardboard sheets, folds them into 4-page signatures, glues these over the entire surface and mounts them on top of one another.
The end result is a book block that can be opened completely flat.

One operator is sufficient to feed boards, oversee production and unload finished products. A 15” touch screen enables easy programming and control of all the functions.

The gathering and feeding unit allows non-stop operation. It consists of trays, each containing one type of sheet. It is possible to combine sheets of different thickness and made of different materials.
The extraction is performed with suckers.

In the folding unit thin cardboard is creased while thicker cardboard is kiss-cut. Subsequently the sheet is closed at the fold. The folding unit can handle even sheets with die cut windows.
The gluing unit works with cold (vinyl) glue which is kept in a stainless tank. The glue can be applied either with gluing pens or contact-free nozzles.
Control software allows the glue to be applied only in certain areas (in case of windows). In case of a jam or a misfeed the glue is not applied.

The system guarantees high gluing precision and keeps the material always perfectly flat. No particular maintenance is required – the machine can remain idle for a week without being cleaned.

After having been glued, the board sheet is mounted in perfect register onto the previous sheet of the book and pressed lightly to ensure perfect adherence. In case of soft cover book production finished bookblocks are forwarded to a casing-in unit followed by a press.

In case of hard cover production book blocks first go through a three-knife trimmer.

Red Arrow can handle a wide range of sizes and have an easy and rapid size change.

Technical details:

Max. book size cm 35 x 31 (spine) -
Min. book size cm 11 x 11 (spine)
Max. book thickness cm 10
Cardboard: min 135 g/m2 – Max 5 mm
Speed (mechanical) : 600 meters/minute
Production speed: 8.000 books/hour in function of the size – 16.000 in 2 up

All technical details can be customized in function of the needs.

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