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ZECHINI GRA.FOR is a leader manufacturer, since 1952, of machines for paperconverting bookbinder and graphic arts: laminating , casemaker, Vip Book Line for the hard cover book production.

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The new casemaker Roby Junior 2 is the evolution of the preceding model, even though it introduces a new concept to “create covers”.

The new version, indeed, is composed of several “tools” that make the Roby Junior 2 a solution “all in one”. Everything which is necessary is there, integrated, at hand and it can be used with easeness also by non experienced staff.

There is nothing unnecessary, only the essential. You just need to press the button on/off and everything is ready. Producing covers has never been so easy, quick and simple.

The design has remained compact. Particular attention has been paid on the ergonomic part, so that the operator can be offered a “tool” that can be used for long periods of time without getting tired.

The encumbrance is very little: Roby Junior 2 can be placed in very narrow rooms, as it is only 2-metre big. The material always comes back to the operator and the machine can also be placed against the wall.

Roby Junior can create all types of covers: it is possible to use covering in paper, canvas, bookbinding material and photographic paper.
No regulation needs to be executed when it is necessary to change the material.

The cardboard can have a minimun thickness of 1.8 mm (0.07 inches), up to a maximum thickness of 4 mm (0.15 inches).
It is possible to use grey, microwave or filled cardboard.
In this case too, to move from one type of cardboard to another one, no operation needs to be executed.

We can produce one-piece covers (for example files), three-piece covers (such as traditional books), four-piece covers for desk calendars and five-piece covers for wrapping covers.

Roby Junior 2 can work with a maximum format of 50x70 cm.

Now, let’s examine the machine in details:

The structure is in solid and resistant steel, made to last over the years.

In addition, novelties have been introduced:

First novelty
Integrated corner-cutter.

It can cut paper and cardboard used in the bookbing sector. It is a tool that can’t substitute professional corner-cutters, but which is certainly useful for “one-to-one” productions or for small runs.
The 45-degree corner-cutter is fixed, it doesn’t need regulation and it assures a perfect production of covers.

In addition, we have a new gluing tool which has been completely recreated: in accordance with the client’s needs and requests, it is possible to use hot, cold and animal glue.
The resistors used to heat the glue are integrated and a special thermostat placed not to far away permits to regulate the temperature.
The capacity of the tank has been reduced to avoid waste of glue when the operator stops working, especially in case of small runs.

By means of appropriate devices, it is extremely easy to regulate the quantity of glue that should be put on the sheets.
Thanks to the decennial experience in the production of gluing machines, the glue spreads perfectly to assure the best result of coupling.

We have also improved the method to change the tank.
The pins to grab the paper have a new design, but it is in the superior part that there is the second novelty; the turning-over device which permits an easier grip of the material than the previous model.
Indeed, by means of the turning-over device, the glued paper goes back to the operator who can grab it easily and position it on the supporting board.

Here we find the third novelty; inside the board there are some suction caps that hold the material in the correct position.
These caps are really helpful, especially when there are self-adhesive sheets that have not been previously glued using the gluing machine.
Aspiration is constant and soft, so that the operator can move the material without turning off the suction caps.
The fourth novelty is the most innovative and important one: the board feeder is completely automatic!
In contrast to the previous model (where there was a manual board feeder), with Roby Junior 2 you just need to press a button and the cardboard is placed at perfect register.
Without any effort by the operator!
Apposite suction caps are used to take the material from the feeder and to place it at perfect register on the glued material.
The standard version permits to place up to three pieces, in order to produce standard covers. If requested and to execute special activities, the device can place up to five pieces.
The cardboard feeder is non-stop and can be loaded by authorised staff while the machine is in operation. In addition, it is possible to use cardboard of different kinds of format and thickness.

It is sufficient to press the proper button and…1…2…3..here is perfect coupling! Without any effort and without any worry about making mistakes!

When coupling has finished, the cover is introduced in the turning-in device which is part of the Roby Junior 2 itself, so that in a few seconds it is possible to execute the activity of turning-in.
It is not necessary to regulate the machine when there is a change in format, material or thickness of the cardboard.
In case of medium/high productions, an automatic device assures that the corners are perfectly closed when there is the turning-in operation.
When the activity of coupling bectween the gathering material and the cardboard has finished, the material is pushed under the automatic turning-in device which is placed in front of the operator.
For this device too, improvements have been introduced, such as the new design for the automatic device that closes the corners.
In addition, by means of the new software, it is possible to adjust the time of turning-in activity, especially when a difficult type of material is used.
The turning-in device can also be used as a calander when there is some coupled material that doesn’t need to be turned-in.

A further novelty, which is supplied with the machine and that can be used when it is necessary, is the manual positioner of the cardboard. This tool, in case of small runs, permits an easier positioning of the material than the automatic feeder of the cardboard.
It is easy to use and it permits to put the cardboard at perfect register, allowing to execute a successful operation!
The control panel and its plc control the electric system which is placed in the back of the machine.
Apart from the first button (which is used to feed the cardboard), all other buttons can only be used by the operator to programme the machine and to identify damages.
The success that the first version of the Roby Junior machine experienced (it was sold everywhere in the world in various models), doesn’t justify the creation of a new model, but the search for continuous improvements and the desire to better satisfy our clients.
In this way we have created what you consider to be the best solution.
The introduction of Roby Junior 2 better satisfies the needs of small bookbinding companies, together with companies belonging to the printing sector when they approach, maybe for the first time, the production of hard covers.
Easy to use, small investments, possibility of integration with other machines made by Zechini Gra.for: all these characteristics create a unique and essential product for a perfect production.

Technical data:

Technical data - Gluing unit:

Max. gluing area: 52 x 80 cm (20.47 x 31.49 inches)
Type of glue: cold and hot
Glue feeding: non stop
Speed : 300 pieces/hour
Tank Capacity: 3 Kg (lbs. 6.61)
Motor power: Hp 0,25 = Kw 0,18

Technical data turning-in unit:

Max size cardboard to be turned in: 70 x 50 cm. (27.56 x 19.68 inches)
Min size: 14 x 14 cm (5.51 x 5.51 inches)
Speed: 300 pieces/h. (according to the size)
Thickness of material : min 1,8 max 3 mm (min 0.07 max 0.19 inches)
Minimum turning-in open material: 18 mm (0.71 inches)
Material to cover the cardboard: min 80 gr/m2
max 140 gr/m2
Motor: Hp, 0,25-Kw 0.37

Technical data automatic board feeder unit :

Max size of the cover: 70 x 35 cm (27.56 x 13.77 inches)
Min size: 14 x 14 cm (5.51 x 5.51 inches)
Spine Min size: more than 12 mm width (0.47 inchs) with automatic board feeder
manual cardboard positioning min. 3 mm (0.11 inches)
Thickness of material : min 1,8 - max 3 mm (min 0.07 max 0.19 inches)
Space between spine and cover: 10 mm with automatic board feeder 8 mm with the manual cardboard positioning
Max board carton pile height: 30 cm (11.81 inches)
Motor: KW 0,18



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