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ZECHINI GRA.FOR is a leader manufacturer, since 1952, of machines for paperconverting bookbinder and graphic arts: laminating , casemaker, Vip Book Line for the hard cover book production.

Zechini Bookbinding Equipment
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 Red Arrow   Red Arrow   Red Arrow 

Red Arrow, the solution for production of page-to-page book developed especially for children’s books made of cardboard.

The Red Arrow is a fully automatic, modular system which gat...

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 F 1088   Thread sewing machine  F 1088   Thread sewing machine F 1088 

The F1088 thread sewing machine was developed especially for digital printers who wish to be self-sufficient in on-demand production of sewn books.
It enables the convenience of di...

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 Roby Junior   Case maker   Case maker 

The new casemaker Roby Junior 2 is the evolution of the preceding model, even though it introduces a new concept to “create covers”.

The new version, indeed, is composed of several ...

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 Mephisto   Casemaker Mephisto   Casemaker Mephisto 
The Mephisto machine is a casemaker characterised by a flexible structure which resembles the Roby Junior 2.

The basic version of the machine is composed of the vacuum table, to avoid that ...

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 Capri   Capri - Head Banding & Ribbon   Capri - Head Banding & Ribbon 

Compact, inexpensive and always ready to use, the Capri is the ideal head and tail banding machine for small and medium runs. It is available in three versions:

• Capri: applies one b...

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 VipEndPaper   Vip Press - End Paper   Vip Press - End Paper 

Spine pressing and endpaper gluing machine

Vip Press & end paper allows to glue endpapers directly on the book block, and not on the sheet signature, in order to avoid several s...

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 Vip Gauze   Vip Gauze - Back Lining Machine   Vip Gauze - Back Lining Machine 

Vip Gauze allows to glue the gauze (or other suitable materials) directly on the book spine

The machine is equipped with:
�� Feeding station / connection according ...

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 Vip Fiorino   Vip Fiorino - Three Knife Trimmer   Vip Fiorino - Three Knife Trimmer 

Machine to cut the three sizes of the book block

�� Automatic feeding and exit
�� Central pressing device
�� Centralized lubricatio...

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 Vip Ribbon   Vip Ribbon - Ribbon Inserting Machine   Vip Ribbon - Ribbon Inserting Machine 

Machine to insert the ribbon: (max. 2, at the same page, in standard version) equipped with:

�� Belt loader with vertical book block positioning
�� B...

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 Vip Banding   Vip Banding - Head banding machine   Vip Banding - Head banding machine 

Machine to glue head bands on the book spine

The machine is equipped with:

�� Feeding station / connection according to the chosen configuration (see optionals)...

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 Vip Round   Vip Round - Book Back Rounding Machine   Vip Round - Book Back Rounding Machine 

Machine for book block rounding and backing equipped with:

�� Book block feeding station
�� Rounding station
�� Backing station
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 Vip Case Aut   Vip Case Auto - Casing-in machine   Vip Case Auto - Casing-in machine 

Automatic casing-in machine equipped with:

�� Book block feeding station
�� Automatic book block opening at the middle page
�� Book...

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 Vip Forming   Vip Forming - Pressing & Book Joint Forming   Vip Forming - Pressing & Book Joint Forming 

Pressing and book joint forming machine equipped with:

�� Book block feeding station
�� First pressing and book joint forming station with heated bl...

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 X-Case   X-Case Casing-in machine   X-Case Casing-in machine 

Casing-in machine equipped with:

 Book block introduction on the blade
 Covers feeder
 Gluing station with cylinders with cold vynilic glue

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 X-Case Plus   X-Case Plus Casing in Machine   X-Case Plus Casing in Machine 

X-Case is also available in automatic version with the XCase Plus .

The X Case Plus also included:

 Book block feeding station
 Automatic book bloc...

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 XPlus-Formin   XCase Plus in line with Vip Forming   XCase Plus in line with Vip Forming 

Casing-in machine XCase Plus in line with forming press machine Vip Forming

Book block feeding station
Automatic book block opening at the middle page
Registration of the ...

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 Roby 1800   Casemaker Roby 1800   Casemaker Roby 1800 
Roby 1800 is a full automatic case maker


With "cover" we mean:
One piece ...

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 Roby One   Automatic gluing machine   Automatic gluing machine 

Automatic gluing and mounting machine

Roby One using the true and tested gluing system, is equipped with a special designed air feeder carriage system, which from a high pile feed...

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 Strike   Creasing and riveting machine   Creasing and riveting machine 

New automatic creasing and riveting machine, in one cicle it creases and applies the mechanism.

Particularly suitable for the production of files, ring-binders and albums.


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 Junior PUR   Perfect Binder with P.U.R   Perfect Binder with P.U.R 
Why polyurethane (Pur) ?
In comparison to the traditional Hot Melt glues PUR offers the following advantages : - Excellent results with all types and thickness of paper/fibre sense
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 JuniorBinder   Perfect Binder - JuniorBinder 1800   Perfect Binder - JuniorBinder 1800 

New automatic perfect binder for medium run production.

Thanks to the speed of 1800 pieces/ hour and to the quick format changes Juniorbinder 1800 is the best solution both for sho...

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 Fiorino   Three knife trimmer   Three knife trimmer 

Fiorino three-knife cutter is an automatic machine for three-sided cutting of glued or sewed inner books.

Switch of format takes 8 seconds.

Fiorino is the absolute leader...

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 Zinko   Front cutting   Front cutting 

Machine realized for trimming the face of sewed, milled and binded books.

The front cutting of the perfect binded books allows to obtain a high quality of the product and to reali...

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 Angolar   Corner Cutting   Corner Cutting 

Semi-automatic motor driven straight / round corner cutting machine designed for rounding corners of catalogues, books, catalogues or covering material.
System of cut by double b...

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 Press oro 35   Gold embossing machine   Gold embossing machine 

Semi-automatic pneumatic gold embossing press, mounted on castor wheels, for hot gold and pastel colour printing on book-covers, cards, fabrics, etc.
Manual feeding of the material, wi...

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 Beta   Book-cover hollow rounding machine   Book-cover hollow rounding machine 
Machine to round the spine of the book cover, with any thickness and material, with a perfect final result.
The upper part is equipped with blades adjustbale according with the spine width.
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 Saturno   Book-block rounding machine   Book-block rounding machine 

Book-back rounding machine, designed for the medium and large-sized industries.

No manual operation is required to prepare and adjust when changing over from one thickness to the othe...

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 Special 85   Book pressing machine   Book pressing machine 

Single Book Press

The Special 85 is a mechanically operated machine designed for pressing hard cover books after casing- in.
With its special design, once the air has been pres...

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 Special Dopp   Book pressing machine   Book pressing machine 

Double Book Press

The Special 85 is a mechanically operated machine designed for pressing hard cover books after casing- in.
With its special design, once the air has been pr...

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 Cimatic   Book joint forming machine   Book joint forming machine 

Cimatic is a semi-automatic pneumatic machine treadle operated designed to form the spine of the book in order to improve the case opening

Heating of the blades adjusted by a thermost...

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 VipBookLine   Vip Book Line   Vip Book Line 

For information CLICK HERE
For the video CLICK HERE...

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 Record   Gluing machine   Gluing machine 

The Record N gluing machine has been designed for hot and cold gluing of flexible materials, such as paper, thin cardboard, plastics, leather.
The gluing device is realized by stainless...

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 Ottima   Roller press   Roller press 

Roller pressing unit to press together paper, cardboard, material, leather, plastic, corrugated carton, etc.

The machine performs all manual work required in joining the pieces to...

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 Rimbo   Turning-in machine   Turning-in machine 

Semi-automatic pneumatic machine, treadle operated, for the turning in of book-covers or folders, suitable for any kind of covers.

The machine has been designed with two pressure cl...

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